Multi-hop amplify-and-forward relaying cooperation in the presence of I/Q imbalance

by Jian Qi, Sonia Aissaz, Mohamed-Slim Alouini
Conference Proceedings Year: 2013


J. Qi, S. Aissa, and M. -S. Alouini, Multi-hop amplify-and-forward relaying cooperation in the presence of I/Q imbalance, In Proceedings IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'2013), Budapest, Hungary, June 2013.


In this paper, multi-hop cooperative networks implementing channel state information (CSI)-assisted amplifyand-forward (AF) relaying in the presence of in-phase and quadrature-phase (I/Q) imbalance at both the transmitting and receiving sides are investigated. We propose a compensation algorithm for the I/Q imbalance by making use of the received signal at the destination together with its conjugation to detect the
desired signals. The performance of the multi-hop CSI-assisted AF cooperative networks with and without compensation for I/Q imbalance in Nakagami-m fading environment is evaluated in terms of average symbol error probability. Numerical results are provided and show that the proposed compensation method can effectively mitigate the impact of I/Q imbalance.


Accepted for publication


Uncertainty Quantification