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SRI - Center for Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Science & Engineering
UN 1500 Building 1, Al-Khawarizmi,  4th Floor, 4242
Thuwal 23955-6900, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Office: +966 (12) 808 0307


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Mission of the Uncertainty Quantification Center

The mission of the SRI UQ Center is to become an internationally recognized Center 

for research in Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and Verification and Validation. The center will

advance the state of the art in UQ and VV methods, algorithms, and software

while focusing on high-impact applications such as 

i) green wireless communications 

ii) complex multi-scale electromagnetic systems

iii) reactive computational fluid dynamics


Computational and data-driven certification and design:

The novel UQ methodology will be relevant to systems for which testing is expensive or difficult and that operate outside the normal range of laboratory conditions. Systematic UQ is crucial for the development of new technological products that need to meet regulatory and budget constraints. The UQ Center will thus provide KAUST with a leadership position to engage in ambitious research projects by facilitating and streamlining technology transfers to applications of interest to industrial companies and National Laboratories;


Research driven education and training:

The SRI UQ Center will build a curriculum of courses and research mentorship on UQ-VV, which will have a direct impact on the KAUST MCSE Master and PhD programs and, given the interdisciplinary nature of UQ, on other KAUST programs. Moreover, the Center will generate unique networking opportunities for postdocs and graduate students who will be able to:

a) participate in exchange programs

b) be co-advised externally, and 

c) benefit from center-driven short courses and scientific meetings.


Visibility and recruitment:

The UQ Center will enhance KAUST’s visibility and recruitment opportunities at the faculty and postdoctoral levels by leveraging our extensive collaborator network.


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