Energy efficient scheme for cognitive radios utilizing soft sensing

by A. Alabbasi, Z. Rezki, B. Shihada
Conference Proceedings Year: 2014


A. Alabbasi, Z. Rezki, B. Shihada, Energy efficient scheme for cognitive radios utilizing softsen​sing,  in Proceedings IEEE  Wireless Communications and N etworking  Conference (WCN C'2014), Istanbul, Turkey, 6-9 April  2014.


​In this paper we propose an energy efficient cognitive radio system. Our design considers an underlaying resource allocation combined with soft sensing information to achieve a sub-optimum energy efficient system. The sub-optimality is achieved by optimizing over a channel inversion power policy instead of considering a water-filling power policy. We consider an Energy per Goodbit (EPG) metric to express the energy efficient objective function of the system and as an evaluation metric to our system performance. Since our optimization problem is not a known convex problem, we prove its convexity to guarantee its feasibility. We evaluate the proposed scheme comparing to a benchmark system through both analytical and numerical results.


DOI: 10.1109/WCNC.2014.6952153


Energy efficiency Resource allocation Spectrum sensing Spectrum sharing