Hamza Soury


PhD Student​​

Research Interests

Performance of communication systems with Non-Gaussian Noise.

Selected Publications

  • Hamza, Soury; Faouzi, Bader; Musbah, Shaat; Mohamed-Slim Alouini; “Near optimal power allocation algorithm for OFDM-based cognitive using adaptive relaying strategy”, 7th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications 2012 (CROWNCOM’12, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Hamza, Soury; Ferkan, Yilmaz; Mohamed-Slim Alouini; “ Average Bit Error Probability of Binary Coherent Signaling over Generalized Fading Channels Subject to Additive Generalized Gaussian Noise”, IEEE Communications Letters 2012


Electrical Engineering PhD Student

Professional Profile

PhD Student​​

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