David I. Ketcheson


Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science​​


B1/L4 - 4202

Research Interests

Professor Ketcheson's research interests are in the areas of numerical analysis and hyperbolic PDEs. His work includes development of efficient time integration methods, wave propagation algorithms, and modeling of wave phenomena in heterogeneous media.

Selected Publications

  • PyClaw: Accessible, Extensible, Scalable Tools for Wave Propagation Problems
    David I. Ketcheson, Kyle T. Mandli, Aron J. Ahmadia, Amal Alghamdi, Manuel Quezada de Luna, Matteo Parsani, Matthew G. Knepley, and Matthew Emmett,SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 34(4):C210-C231 (2012)
  • Optimized explicit Runge-Kutta schemes for the spectral difference method applied to wave propagation problems
    Matteo Parsani, David I. Ketcheson, and W Deconinck, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 35(2):A957-A986 (2013)
  • Shock Dynamics in Layered Periodic Media
    David I. Ketcheson and Randall J. LeVeque, Communications in Mathematical Sciences, 10(3):859-874 (2012)
  • Step Sizes for Strong Stability Preservation with Downwind-Biased Operators
    David I. Ketcheson, SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 49(4):1649 (2011)
  • High Order Strong Stability Preserving Time Discretizations
    Sigal Gottlieb, David I. Ketcheson, and Chi-Wang Shu, Journal of Scientific Computing, 38(3):251-289 (2009)
  • D.I. Ketcheson. "Runge-Kutta methods with minimum storage implementations". Journal of Computational Physics 229(5):1763 - 1773, 2010
  • S. Gottlieb, D.I. Ketcheson, and C.W. Shu. "High order strong stability preserving time discretizations". Journal of Scientific Computing, 38(3):251-289, 2009.
  • D.I. Ketcheson. C.B. Macdonald, and S. Gottlieb. "Optimal implicit strong stability preserving Runge-Kutta methods". Applied Numerical Mathematics, 59(2):373-392, 2009.
  • D.I. Ketcheson. "Highly efficient strong stability preserving Runge-Kutta methods with low-storage implementations". SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 30(4):2113-2136, doi: 10.1137/07070485X, 2008.
  • D.I. Ketcheson. "Computation of optimal monotonicity preserving general linear methods". Mathematics of Computation 78(267):1497-1513, 2009.


Ph.D. University of Washington, USA, 2009

M.S. University of Washington, USA, 2008

B.S. Brigham Young University, USA, 2004

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