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Hamza Soury

PhD Student​​

Research Interests

Performance of communication systems with Non-Gaussian Noise.

Selected Publications

  • Hamza, Soury; Faouzi, Bader; Musbah, Shaat; Mohamed-Slim Alouini; “Near optimal power allocation algorithm for OFDM-based cognitive using adaptive relaying strategy”, 7th International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications 2012 (CROWNCOM’12, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Hamza, Soury; Ferkan, Yilmaz; Mohamed-Slim Alouini; “ Average Bit Error Probability of Binary Coherent Signaling over Generalized Fading Channels Subject to Additive Generalized Gaussian Noise”, IEEE Communications Letters 2012

Education Profile

Electrical Engineering PhD Student

Professional Profile

PhD Student


IEEE Student Member