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Stochastic Partial Differential Equations By Prof. Wladimir Neves (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)

  • Class schedule:  Sunday, Sep. 14th, 2014, 13.30 pm
  • Location: Building 1, Room 3119
We present some results concerning stochastic linear transport equations and quasilinear scalar conservation laws, where the additive noise is a perturbation  of the drift. Due to the introduction of the stochastic term, we may prove  for instance well-posedness for continuity equation (divergence-free), Cauchy problem, meanwhile uniqueness may fail for the deterministic case, see [1], [2] and [6]. Also for the transport equation, Dirichlet data, we established a better trace result by the introduction of the noise, show existence and uniqueness in a general context, see [7]. We introduce the study of stochastic hyperbolic conservation laws, in a dierent direction of [5], applying the kinetic-semigroup theory.
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Wladimir Neves has degree in engineering with Cum Laude from the Polytechnic School of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).
Graduated in Mathematics from the Institute of Mathematics-UFRJ (2001).
Visiting professor (May-2003, June-2004) at Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, France.
Visiting professor (Feb-2011, March-2012) at OXPDEs-Oxford, England. 
Now, he is Associated Professor in Mathematics Department of UFRJ. He has experience in mathematics, focused in partial differential equations, continuum mechanics, geometric measure theory and conservation laws.