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External Collaborators

Mazen Saad​
CADMOS Chair of Scientific Computing and Uncertainty Quantification:
     Fabio Nobile
     Giovanni Migliorati
     Lorenzo Tamellini
     Francesco Tesei
​Edgard Pimentel​
J. Tinsley Oden
Ivo M. Babuska
Omar Ghattas
Robert Moser
The Laboratory for Modeling and Scientific Computing (MOX):
     Fabio Nobile
Claudio Canuto
Pietro Asinari
Rajandrea Sethi
Daniele Marchisio​
Department of Numerical Analysis:
     Jesper Oppelstrup    
     Anders Szepessy
     Olof Runborg
     Mattias Sandberg
Heinz Pitsch
Mike Espig​​

Habib Najm

Bert Debusschere

Jacqueline Chen
Institute of Scientific Computing
    Hermann G. Matthies
​Alexandros Beskos​​

Eduardo Canale

Ernesto Mordecki
Georgios Zouraris
​Erik von Schwerin​
Kris van der Zee
Marco Iglesias
​Konstantinos Zygalakis​​
Independent Junior Research Group: Stochastic modelling of hydrosystems
    Wolfgang Nowak
Abhishek Shukla
Andrew Stuart
Stefania Patrizi
Christian Bayer​


With facilities such as Shaheen (one of the world’s fastest super computers) and the CORNEA Visualization Center, the Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) Division is one of the best-equipped places in the world to carry out cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research. CEMSE is associated with the Computational Bioscience Research Center, Extreme Computing Initiative, and the Geometric Modeling and Scientific Visualization Research Center. In addition to access to these centers, students will also work with world-class faculty during their post-graduate studies. CEMSE offers Master’s and Ph.D. programs in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

Research Centers

The Clean Combustion Research Center (CCRC) will seek a knowledge-based understanding of combustion phenomena, develop innovative technologies for clean and efficient combustion and provide solutions for present and future energy and environmental challenges. The Center will establish a graduate-level research program for the education and training of expert leaders on clean combustion technology for the benefit of the Kingdom, the region and the world.