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ME 200B

ME 200B - Fluid Mechanics By Prof. Fabrizio Bisetti​

ME 200 a,b. Fluid Mechanics 3 credits (3-0-3); first, second terms 
Prerequisites: Undergraduate fluid mechanics, AMCS 201 (for ME200a) and AMCS 202 (for ME 200b) or equivalent (may be taken concurrently); ME 200b requires ME 200a. Fundamentals of fluid mechanics. Microscopic and macroscopic properties of liquids and gases; the continuum hypothesis; review of thermodynamics; general equations of motion; kinematics; stresses; constitutive relations; vorticity, circulation; Bernoulli's equation; potential flow; thin-airfoil theory; surface gravity waves; buoyancy-driven flows; rotating flows; viscous creeping flow; viscous boundary layers; introduction to stability and turbulence; quasi one-dimensional compressible flow; shock waves; unsteady compressible flow; acoustics.

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